Exclusive Modern Day Postcard Printing Trends

Postcard printing is one of the most efficient ways to promote the business and connect with the potential and existing customers. Some of the latest postcard printing trends that are used in various marketing campaigns are as follows:

Full Color

Gone are the days when postcards used to be in black and white colors. The modern day customers expect all colorful postcards. These colorful postcards look vibrant and attractive and have a deeper impact on the minds of the customers. As such, more and more companies try to incorporate this latest trend in Rev Interactive their postcard printing business. Full color postcards are better off in today’s world than black and white postcards.

Bigger Size

Though the standard postcard printing size is 4” x 6” approximately, companies are now switching to much larger postcard sizes. Postcards of the size 6” x 9” and 7” x 10” are more prevalent and widely used by most of the companies. Because of their bigger looks, they stand to the customers and speak volumes about the company. Although they may cost more than the standard size, their benefits are still larger due to their bigger size. However exploring different buying options is one way to get low cost postcards


Most of the companies today are using these postcards as a way of coupon to promote their business. Customers can bring these coupons and avail exciting discounts and other offers. It not only increases the footfall of the customers to the store but is a direct measure of the success of the campaign. This modern postcard printing trend has become very popular among the media, advertising and marketing firms.

Segmentation and Targeting

The marketing companies are using these postcards only to offer to a few selected group of customers. These customers are generally the most loyal customers and are quite likely to do a business with the company. This ensures less campaign cost and high return on investment. This postcard printing trend is a much faster, easier and effective way of reaching the star customers.

By following the above modern day postcard printing trend, a firm can hope and expect to witness favorable results from the campaign.